Every year tens of thousands of people are injured on the road through no fault of their own. Injuries can range from relatively minor soft tissue injuries to serious brain and spinal injuries. At ASD our solicitors have many years of experience in assisting clients who have been injured on the road as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian and fight every day for compensation from insurers.

Car Accidents

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured in Road Traffic Accidents every year. Injuries can range from minor whiplash to the cervical spine to serious fractures and brain injuries. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another driver you are likely to be compensated by the insurance company. Even if the person driving is uninsured we can still assist.

To find out more call one of our Solicitors today on 0800 163 622. We will arrange an immediate home visit. We have assisted thousands of local people since 1984.

Bus Accidents

If you have suffered injury when being carried by a bus we may be able to assist. Bus passengers are often more vulnerable than passengers in a car, they do not have the benefit of seat belts and the potential for injury is therefore greater. Bus passengers may not be able to brace themselves in anticipation of the accident. Even if you do not know what happened we still may be able to assist. Buses are likely to be fitted with CCTV which will record the incident. If the injury was caused by an untraced driver we can still help you.

Injuries Caused by Uninsured and Untraced Drivers

The Motors Insurers Bureau (MIB) estimates that there were 1.4 million uninsured drivers on the UK road in 2010. Thousands of people were injured, some very seriously, as a result of the negligent driving of uninsured drivers. The MIB indicates that untraced drivers kill 160 people and injure 23,000 every year. The MIB was set up by the government to compensate people who were injured due to uninsured and untraced drivers. They will also, in certain circumstances, compensate the family in the event of a fatal accident.

Our Solicitors have significant experience in dealing with the Motors Insurers Bureau. Please call one odour Solicitors now for more information. The alternative is to make an enquiry through the website.

Motorbike and Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycling is an increasingly popular form of transport. However, motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users. In 2010 403 motorcyclists were killed on the road and 4780 were seriously injured. This is despite only forming 1% of road traffic.

Our Solicitors have experience in dealing with serious motorbike accidents. We have dealt with a number of cases where the severity of injury has warranted compensation in excess of £500,000.

In 2010 111 cyclists were killed and over 17, 000 injured on UK roads. Cyclists are, like, motorcyclists vulnerable road users. We act for cyclists on a regular basis. Failure to wear a helmet does not prevent an individual from making a claim, even if a head trauma has been sustained.

Fatal Accidents

Every year collisions on UK road result in nearly 3000 fatalities. We believe that bereaved partners and family members deserve the best possible legal representation. For that reason we will ensure that a Solicitor is with you every step of the way. We will arrange an immediate home visit with a Solicitor that has experience in dealing with fatal accident claims.

The process of claiming compensation in fatal accident claims can be complex and distressing. Our team of Solicitors can assist a wide range of family members who have lost loved ones. To find out more call a Solicitor now to arrange an immediate home visit.