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What you can do:

  • Recommend a client to us
  • Ask a client to contact us direct


When you recommend a client to us we guarantee the following:-

We promise we will:

  • Provide a No Win No Fee service
  • Not charge them in the unlikely event that their claim fails
  • Not ask them to pay insurance premiums or take out loans
  • Ensure they are represented by a qualified Solicitor
  • Obtain maximum compensation in the shortest possible time
  • Only give clear and honest legal advice
  • Ensure our Solicitors are local in order to see them “face to face”

We promise we will not:

  • Catch clients out with hidden charges
  • Put them in touch with unqualified file handlers
  • Fail to return calls or answer letters
  • Ask them to fill in lengthy questionnairs
"I am writing to offer my thanks for representing me during the last year after being involved in a car accident, receiving injuries after a car drove into the back of my car whilst stationary at a roundabout. I have had no problems at all and everything has run smoothly, resulting in being awarded compensation for my injuries, medical costs and additional motor insurance I had initially paid. Thanks again for your time and I would happily recommend ASD to anyone I knew who found themselves in the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident."
Mr Fallis, South Yorkshire

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